How do you elevate your look with artisan scarves? (Secrets revealed)


How do you elevate your look with artisan scarves? (Secrets revealed)

Artisan scarves are the most underrated fashion statement. They add the glamour and sophistication other fashion accessories cannot. Yet people look past its value when it comes to limited-edition fashion accessories.

The world of fashion and art are two things incomplete without each other—that's why when art and fashion blend in together, they form the perfect combination of ultimate luxury.

You might have seen artisan scarves but have yet to find them as we described. Hold on because you didn't know how to pair them up. Even stylists talk only about winter wear collections and combinations. This blog will show you how to amp up your look with artisan scarves. Bonus: You can also get winter scarves and fashion ideas!
Putting colours together:

Pick handmade scarves that go with or stand out from the colours in your outfit. A good colour choice can quickly make you look better.

Try different things with scarves until you find your style. Make it your own, whether it's a sure way to tie it or a colour scheme you love.

Unique Knots:

Learn various approaches to knotting scarves. You can change how you look by how you tie your scarf. A simple knot, a stylish loop, or a chic wrap are all great options. Some common and not-so-common ones are listed here below.

Traditional draped style: Cross your arms over your shoulders and drape the stole or shawl down the front of your body. This timeless style is ideal for a cold evening or fancy event.

Headscarf: Try draping your stole or shawl around your head as a head scarf for a stylish bohemian look. It is ideal for a carefree midday ensemble.

Turban style: Consider winding your stole or shawl into a turban to elevate the head scarf look. It looks especially great with a shawl with a vibrant print.

One-shoulder drape: Try pulling your stole or shawl over one shoulder to bare a little skin. It produces a sophisticated and dramatic effect ideal for a formal setting.

Layered look: Wear your stole or shawl over a sweater or jacket for a warm and stylish winter ensemble. It gives your ensemble an additional dose of warmth and texture.

Sliding it like a belt: Wearing a stole or shawl as a belt can give you a distinctive and edgy style. Lose it around your waist and secure it with a bow or knot.

Tieing it up: Knot your scarf into a tie to give it a sophisticated look. Putting it on a plain shirt and adding a suit over it can provide a polite yet bold look.

Bow tieing it up: Wearing it as a bow tie can add to the drama of your fashion clothing.

Now that you know how to style it up, do you know what kind of scarves you style it with?

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