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Embrace art at its finest and make yourself feel special. These are limited edition pieces designed by the designer artist, Ella herself. She is a renowned artist who creates Modern contemporary art in UK as well. Each piece she makes is priceless, quite literally. Why? She makes only 5-6 pieces of each design.
You will only get the same design 5-6 times.

Imagine yourself being one of the only ones owning those pieces. It includes jewellery, clutches, shoes, and paintings that you could swear by. Discover this luxury world, and you won't turn your back once you experience the essence of these rare pieces. So grab those Art collection series online in UK before anyone else does!


We all know the value of gold, but what if we asked you about the importance of 21-carat gold? Priceless. All Ella jewels are made from this value. Ella's gold collection boasts of intricate & delicate designs meticulously crafted to be masterpieces. Look at the necklaces; they are embedded with such artistic carvings of metal, just like the ancient techniques we now keep in museums. As a result, these are contemporary designs with a modern twist! Also, the star-studded earrings & rings are something that you can't get your eyes off. Be it wishing someone formally or informally, one gets to see the natural beauty of it closely

Clutches & Accessories

Simple, Elegant dresses need modern, artistic bags around them. It's the latest trend: Pairing up monochrome dresses with artisan clutches. When you wear Ella's clutches, you make more than a statement, for we redefine Handcrafted to perfection! There's not only outward beauty but inner beauty, too! They have a seamless design that makes anything fit perfectly!


Scarves are the weather's pleasure in cold countries like the UK. Artistic scarves change the whole look of your boring sweater style. They add a sense of freshness & newness that you can't compromise on. Add glamour & color to your life through Ella's scarves!

Ella Contemporary Art

Ella's paintings are the UK's most wanted paintings. They tell stories that are so deep. Depending upon the level of your thinking, you will find the answers! If you are an art lover, you will feel like looking at these pieces over & over again. Be prepared to find different answers each time you gaze at it. Choose from these series :

● Series - Inner Self

● Series - Eternal Echoes

● Series - The Poetry of Abstract

● Series - Embracing the Universe

So go ahead and buy :

● Watercolor Contemporary Painting in the UK

● Modern watercolor Paintings in the UK


Visit our online store & check out our collection. Prepare to be awed & choose your pieces. Buy as soon as you decide, as you never know when your favourite pieces will be sold out!

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